Driving an Electric Car

Great performance and handling

Owners tell us that driving an electric car gives great performance and handling. They are quick, responsive and have smooth acceleration.

We all want to drive a car that makes us feel good behind the wheel. You may not be a racing driver, but you’d probably rather have a car that’s fun to drive.

Unlike a conventional internal combustion engine, the electric motors that drive Go Ultra Low cars provide instant torque: the force that moves the car. Having plenty of torque on tap means that a Go Ultra Low car can accelerate from 0-30mph and beyond with the vigour of a much more powerful conventional car.

Not limited by the constraints of a conventional engine, engineers are also able to position batteries and motors to give an optimum weight distribution and a lower centre of gravity. This all means that Go Ultra Low cars can provide an enjoyable driving experience for the journeys you do.

Don’t take our word for it, book a test drive today and experience driving an electric car for yourself.