Tesco Free Charging Points

Tesco and Volkswagen plan free charging points. Free charging for electric cars will be available for customers at some Tesco stores from next year. Tesco, in partnership with Volkswagen, plans to install almost 2,500 charging bays at up to 600 stores by 2020. A standard 7kW charger will be available for free, but drivers will …

Beginner’s Guide

Though electric and hybrid vehicles are gaining popularly by the day, it’s understandable that you might have some questions. From charging your car to environmental impact, this guide should tell you everything you need to know about the world of electric and hybrid vehicles. Safety Motorists opting for pure-electric cars don’t have to compromise on …

Top 5 Tips to Extend Electric Car Range

If you just drive locally and recharge every night, you won’t have to worry too much about the range of your electric car. And clearly using an “eco” mode will save on battery, if your car has it. But if worry about distance on a longer trip or perhaps staying out longer than expected doing errands …

Workplace EV Charging

EV Charging Points We install a range of EV charging points which have been specially designed for commercial locations including restaurants, offices, factories, car parks etc, which qualify for up to £6000 grant for 20 points.

Driving an Electric Car

Great performance and handling Owners tell us driving an electric car gives great performance and handling. They are quick, responsive and have smooth acceleration. We all want to drive a car that makes us feel good behind the wheel. You may not be a racing driver, but you’d probably rather have a car that’s fun …

Quality Service, Quality Vehicle Charging

Our experts will help you choose the best place for your chargepoint, show you how to charge your electric car and answer any question you might have. Your charging point is covered by a comprehensive on-site warranty for 36 months, and we’re easily reachable by email or phone if you need help. Your Charge Point has dynamic …

Electric Vehicle Charging – Why So Complicated?

Filling up with fuel is easy, charging an electric car, however, seems a lot more complicated – but why? From the different connectors to consider, variable rates of charge and different places to recharge your EV It can seem like a complex job. The truth is, electric car charging need not be so confusing. Allow …

Public Sector

Securicharge and EV Pedestal We install a range of public facing charging units either wall mounted or pedestal, which can be either free to use or pay to use. Pay to use can be either token, currency or pay as you go (PAYG), via a phone or tablet app.

Electric Vehicle Range Tips & How an EV Works

Having owned an electric vehicle for just over 18 months now, I feel able to share my knowledge, which may be of help to those considering an electric vehicle for the first time, or those who have just started out on the road to electric vehicle driving. One of the most talked about topics is …

Featured Home Charging Points

All our charging points are British designed and built, they come with a complete 3-year warranty and standard installation, either tethered or untethered. ALL WALLPOD’S ARE AVAILABLE IN A RANGE OF COLOURS Why Choose Us We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and commitment to providing customer satisfaction. Before carrying out the installation our engineers …

Government Funded Solutions

Are you eligible for the OLEV EVHS grant? To claim the £500 government grant for your home charging point, you will need a qualifying electric or plug in electric car bought since April 2015 and have designated private off-street parking. You can claim 2 vehicles per household, one claim per vehicle.

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