Myenergi Zappi 22


Myenergi Zappi 22

Solar so simple £ 1,100

Power output – 7kW
Type – Socketed & Tethered
Charge scheduling – Yes
Solar compatible – Yes
Load balancing – Yes
Usage reporting – Yes
PEN Fault detection – Yes
Warranty – 3 Years

Three EV charging modes

Zappi provides you with tailor-made charging to suit your lifestyle and demands. Whether you need a “fast” charge to get you going in a hurry or are happy to wait for your charge to take place using 100% renewable energy. Zappi gives you the flexibility to charge on your terms.


The Zappi v2 is an immensely popular smart charger ideally suited to people generating renewable energy via solar PV or wind.

Future-proof, intelligent electric car charging. Zappi is the #1 best-selling solar-compatible charger. Designed for convenience, not compromise.

Zappi is an adaptive EV charger that can take power from the grid, solar, or both.

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3-Year Unlimited Guarantee