Evec Everyone

Evec Everyone

Fantastic Features £995

Power output – 7.4kW
Type – Socketed or Tethered
Charge scheduling – Yes
Solar compatible – No
Load balancing – Yes
Usage reporting – Yes
PEN Fault detection – Yes
Warranty – 3 Years


The EVEC Everyone is one of the most fully loaded smart home chargers on the market, Its rectangular shape blends into its environment save for a striking LED halo ring that provides an at-a-glance status view.

The EVEC Everyone doesn’t compromise. It charges at 7.4kW and comes in both socketed and tethered. The EVEC has everything you need in a charger, stylish good looks feature-rich and is easy to maintain.

The EVEC Everyone has some great features, you can set times to charge when it’s most economical. You have the ability to set reminders within the application. You have the ability to disable the charger from the application so no one can use it and also turn the charge point on to manual mode.

The LED halo ring displays eight possible colours for status:

Blue Glowing – Standby
Green Glowing – Charging
Blue Flashing – Connection confirmed
Green Flashing – Turn off charging from the APP
Red Glowing – Over temperature
Red Flashing – Emergency stop
Blue, Green, Red Flashing – Product power on self-check

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