EO Mini Pro 3

EO Mini Pro 3

If Size matters, a Compact Charger for just £995

Our all-new enclosure ensures the Mini Pro 3 lives up to its reputation. It’s compact – the same size as an A5 notebook and perfect for the design-conscious electric car driver.

Perfect power

Charging your car overnight? Keep it simple with our single-phase 7kW version. Coming soon: if you don’t have the patience then dial up the charging capacity of the Mini Pro 3 to 22kW.

Always connected

Unrivaled performance with Wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Limited internet access? Simply add 4G via sim card as an optional extra.

Safety first

Built-in power balancing prevents blackouts at home. Mini Pro 3 automatically adjusts the output of your charger alongside other energy-hungry home appliances.

Power In your hands

Your charger, Your rules

Monitor energy usage and manage access to your Mini Pro 3 with the new ‘EO Charging’ smartphone app.

An effortless experience that gives you full control – start, stop and schedule your charging sessions all from the palm of your hand.

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